Theism and Morality

The Moral argument is another common apologetic defense, that can be considerably effective to convince others of the existence of God when given in a proper setting to a proper audience. I specify the need to read one’s setting and audience, because while this type of argumentation is effective with some, it finds itself falling… Continue reading Theism and Morality

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Resurrection Conspiracy Theories (Resurrection Part 3)

Conspiracy Theories The resurrection account of Christ has amassed a numerable amount of conspiracy theories that attempt to explain away the bodily resurrection of Christ only to replace it with theories so fallacious that any level thinker should realize their absurdity. But, what exactly is a conspiracy theory? According to the Oxford dictionary definition it… Continue reading Resurrection Conspiracy Theories (Resurrection Part 3)

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The Historical Resurrection According To Josephus (Resurrection Part 2)

The main evidence that I believe is of incredible value to examine thoroughly would have to be the historical evidence for said resurrection account. And three historical facts need to be addressed in support of the ultimate evidence that points towards the resurrection of Christ, Jesus Christ was a real man, he was truly crucified,… Continue reading The Historical Resurrection According To Josephus (Resurrection Part 2)

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The Centrality of the Resurrection to the Christian Faith (1 Corinthians 15)

Jesus Christ has been arguably the most influential person to have shaped history as we know it; while there are many events in Jesus’ life deemed important, but the most important to the Christian faith is the belief in His bodily resurrection. So much so, that a major leader of Christianity who wrote the majority… Continue reading The Centrality of the Resurrection to the Christian Faith (1 Corinthians 15)


Debate Review: Christians and Atheists

Apologia Studios posted a debate that Jeff Durbin and James White were involved in arguing for the existence of the Trinitarian God of the Bible against Dr.Clark and Dan Ellis. You can watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx0rlVap194 Firstly,  I would like to address the fact that I highly respect Jeff Durbin and James White for… Continue reading Debate Review: Christians and Atheists