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Speaking The Truth In Love

One of the most important things that Christians can do as people who claim to follow Jesus Christ, is to speak the truth in love. This is not something to be brushed off and considered insignificant, because God has spoken through His Word, commanding those who believe to speak with gentleness, respect. And called His… Continue reading Speaking The Truth In Love

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Workplace Pain

(Disclaimer: What I am about to say is not true of all Christian run businesses) What do you do, when a self-proclaimed Christian business burns you? I personally have been hurt by employers running a Christian business, and it isn't easy to trust after something like that happens. Whether they operated sketchily and tend to… Continue reading Workplace Pain


Debate Review: Christians and Atheists

Apologia Studios posted a debate that Jeff Durbin and James White were involved in arguing for the existence of the Trinitarian God of the Bible against Dr.Clark and Dan Ellis. You can watch the video here Firstly,  I would like to address the fact that I highly respect Jeff Durbin and James White for… Continue reading Debate Review: Christians and Atheists