Theism and Morality

The Moral argument is another common apologetic defense, that can be considerably effective to convince others of the existence of God when given in a proper setting to a proper audience. I specify the need to read one’s setting and audience, because while this type of argumentation is effective with some, it finds itself falling… Continue reading Theism and Morality


Tell Me This Is Logical

Teleological Argument: The Teleological argument is one of the most common apologetic arguments that you find used by laypersons within the Christian Church. I find this to be the case because it is an argument that is simple to understand, and when it is accepted as true one cannot help but see more proofs and… Continue reading Tell Me This Is Logical

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Resurrection Conspiracy Theories (Resurrection Part 3)

Conspiracy Theories The resurrection account of Christ has amassed a numerable amount of conspiracy theories that attempt to explain away the bodily resurrection of Christ only to replace it with theories so fallacious that any level thinker should realize their absurdity. But, what exactly is a conspiracy theory? According to the Oxford dictionary definition it… Continue reading Resurrection Conspiracy Theories (Resurrection Part 3)